Ethno festival SVIESTS - 28th AUGUST

Finally this year Valmiermuiža park will once more become the centre of the world, where we will burn a grand firesculpture and meet world music, artists and craftspeople and many more.

Taking into account government restrictions, to ease security measures during the event, entrance to the evening concert will be by showing a valid Covid-19 Certificate together with a valid ID!

Camping possibilities ON 28.08. will be in the nearby Valmiermuiža Stables (600 m from Festival site), address Dzirnavu iela 15, Valmiermuiža. Please contact +371 26562703. Price for one camping place 5 EUR. 

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Daytime programme

11.00 - 16.00 // Free Entrance

Market and Valmiermuiža beer terrace

Gardu muti

Traditional crafts workshops

Churning and forging and iron ore smelting

Latvian and Sicilian Folk music

Saucējas and Quartetto Areasud

17.00 - 01.00 // Evening stage

NuFolk Global

European Folk Orchestra

Traditional and modern crafts, home-made food, craft beer, local farmers’ and home-producers’ market, enjoyment and workshops for the whole family. Traditional Latvian folk and contemporary ethno-music form Latvia and abroad. The festival theme is the powerful element IRON that will be featured by blacksmiths, forgers and metalworkers.

Through various interesting workshops we will introduce with the historical and contemporary use of iron in everyday life.

The evening stage will have a vivid local and international programme. Rahu the Fool and Kaktuballes Muzikanti from Latvia will make you dance and the NuFolk Orchestra with musicians from six countries will stop on their European tour through several festivals. The headliners will be Latvian pagan-metal band SKYFORGER with special guest and a specially prepared folk programme and Ukrainian freak-cabaret group DAKH DAUGHTERS with a powerful audio-visual performance.

When darkness sets in a three-dimensional firesculpture will be lit, developed and built by Valencian artist Jordi NN.

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