Crafts Workshops


Ancient Ceramics

In the late Iron Age, when the pottery wheel was introduced, ceramics and pottery developed rapidly. This is why we will organise an ancient ceramics workshop, where visitors will have the opportunity to explore the evolution of pottery, as well as try to create a clay bowl themselves. Ceramicists Baiba and Einārs Dumpji will introduce with the development of pottery through the ages – showing different types of examples and explaining the differences. Baiba and Einārs Dumpji live and work in the eastern part of Vidzeme Madonas nov. Mētrienas pag. „Brīvnieki”. While mainly working with traditional Vidzeme ceramics, they also research and reconstruct more ancient processes of pottery.

Wood Crafts – Teetotums

In the mythology of the Baltic tribes trees play an important role, as they represent different deities. But equally important are different tools and objects, that could be made from wood. To show wood craftmanship from a different angle and make it more playful, this workshop will introduce the making of wooden teetotums and play with them on a special platform. Craftsman Andris Roze from the Drabeši Crafts House will show how to create teetotums on a lathe and how to make them turn.

Leather works

Leather works has always been important to establish housing, make clothing, footwear, accessories, armory and household items.  This workshop will show how ancient boots were made from leather. It will also present the different stages of fishskin tanning and the sewing of little bags from fishskin. The workshop will be lead by the head of the Centre for Traditional Cultural Initiatives „KasTe” Inese Roze and her colleague Inese Jansone, who will demonstrate the making of ancient footwear and will show their works for everyone to inspect. Especially interesting could be the rare practice of fishskin tanning from salmon, eal and other fish.

Musical Workshop

The traditions of the Baltic tribes include different rituals during which different soundmaking instruments were used. In this workshop visitors will have the opportunity to see these ancient musical instruments as well as play and sing some songs together. The folkmusician Tālis Karlsons will lead the workshop and show the art of playing different instruments and make some music together.  The different ancient instruments include the kokle, harmonica, flute, different percussions, horns, rattles etc. Visitors will have the opportunity to make their own reed flutes.


Bronze Jewelry Workshop

The Creative Jewelry Workshop lead by Andrejs and Ailita Jakubovski will offer the visitors to explore, obtain and to make themselves a piece of brinze jewellery that are copies of archaeological findings. Archaeological jewelry can be dated from 2nd to 17th centuries, when the Latvian teritory was inhabited by the Baltic tribes: Letgalians, Curonians, Semigalians, Selonians and the Fino-Ugric Livonians.