Culinary Workshops

Butter churning and the use of whey

Since ancient times milk and bread were a particularly important part of the human diet. In this workshop visitors will have the opportunity to use old tools to churn butter,  taste buttermilk and learn what to do for girls to gain a lighter skin. To stress the fact that in old times everything was used, also by-products, visitors will also learn what to do with whey, which is a by-product of butter – which is called “power milk”.

Cheese making

Cheese is a very traditional Latvian food that – particularly during Midsummer – Jāņi – has preserved an improtant symbolic meaning till nowadays. Each hosehold has a particular recipe, but the main technology has not changed throughout the centuries. Visitors will discover the secrets of cheese-making.

Making of an earth oven and preparing of fish

In the old days earth oven was a popular and easy way to prepare food. It can be done anywhere – at home, by the river or a lake, also during longer hikes. Fish can be prepared quickly – within 20-30 minutes, they are seasoned with local herbs and provide rich nourishment.

Bread baking in clay oven

The bread oven has always been the heart of the home. It was a place for women to gather, to prepare dough, talk and bake bread. In Valmiermuiža an outdoor bread oven is built from clay. Visitors will have the opportunity to try to bake some bread with ancient methods.

Beer making workshop

Beer is one of the oldest drinks, which is enjoyed both everyday and during festivities. The workshop will show ancient tools for beer brewing, visitors will have the oppportunity to grind malt and follow the process of beer brewing. Also beer-tasting is envisaged.

The culinary workshops are part of the project “Creation and promotion of a tourism product based in the Livonian culinary heritage” (“Livonian culinary trail”) supported by the „Interreg Estonian– Latvian cross-border cooperation programme 2014 – 2020”.