Folk Musicians


The folklore programme of the Ethno-Festival „SVIESTS” pays  close attention to Latvian traditional culture heritage, which is perceived particularly strong during the time of Midsummer. The folklore groups „Lāns” and „Oreoriginate from the Vidzeme region and carry their heritage further in a particularly vivid and participative manner. They not only sing, play and dance traditional tunes, but also build their own instruments, and make their own garments and jewellery – both archaeological reconstructions and traditional 19th century folk costumes.


The members of the folklore group „Ore“ are active promoters of the folklore movement in the Cēsis region in central Latvia. They play and sing, they organise dance evenings and folk musicians camps, as well as do different kinds of handicrafts.


The participants of the folklore group “Lāns” research Latvian folklore material and arrange the discovered treasures with their traditional instruments, like the ģīga, the Jewish harp, the kokle which retain the ancient sound of the songs. In 2007 the first album of “Lāns” is released with songs about wedding and marriage from different places in Latvia.