Sviests churning events


To tune into the Ethno-Festival „SVIESTS 2018” that will take place in Valmiermuiža on 16th June, we are offering a number of SVIESTS* churning events to introduce different facets of folkmusic and learn more about this year’s festival theme – the Baltic tribes.

*= Sviests – butter


Rūta and Valdis Muktupāveli // Foto: Steve Edwin

Rūta un Valdis Muktupāveli

“Our music is a tribute to the ancient and contemporary Balts, Latgallians, Siblings, Semigallians, Lithuanians, Rites, Curonians and Prussians. The composition is based on vocal and instrumental music from the white countries – Latvia, Lithuania and East Prussia. In the concert, we will perform ritual, traditions and mythological songs, as well as instrumental meditations and intercourse. In our music, we combine ancient traditions with our own creativity, creating an unforgettable musical adventure that reveals the magic and color of music of ancient Balts, “says Rūta and Valdis Muktupāveli. Muktupāveli allows the music to be reborn from sich instruments like kokles, bagpipes, Jew’s harp, flutes, whistles and singing bells – instruments that were played already during ancient time.

My Baltic Brothers

09.02.18 at noon 19.00