Sviests churning events


To tune into the Ethno-Festival „SVIESTS 2018” that will take place in Valmiermuiža on 16th June, we are offering a number of SVIESTS* churning events to introduce different facets of folkmusic and learn more about this year’s festival theme – the Baltic tribes.

*= Sviests – butter


Yudin Rancane // Foto : Ripley

Stanislav Yudin and Asnate Rancane

Stanislav Yudin seeks inspiration in ethnic and folk music,  Asnate Rancāne – in improvisation. The duet “Stanislav Yudin & Asnate Rancane” emerged out of the idea to unite different musical experiences. The consonance emerges by uniting improvisations and compositions by Stanislav and Asnate’s deep knowledge about ethnic music and folklore. The repertoir of the duet includes both compositions with traditional texts and arranged folk melodies.

Stanislav Yudin is best known as base-player in Jazz and improvisations, who frequently participates in projects of experimental music. He also has own compositions, free improvisation and is convinced that he can draw inspiration from his homeland.

Asnate Rancāne is ethnomusicologist, researcher of ethnic music, multi-instrumentalist and leader of the folk singing group “Tautumeitas” . She has been involved in traditional music since childhood and now seeks inspiration in improvisation, where she uses her knowledge and experience gained from working with folklore heritage.

The project has been created during experiments using innovative techniques and improvisation, both musicians have found their special sound and style, which also resulted in the recording of album – “Op. 2”. It includes folk songs performed in various dialects and languages, however, this album cannot be considered only as a folk music record because of extraordinary arrangement and performance, it tends to belong to the minimalist world of music.


16.03.18 at noon 20.00