The most famous world music band from Latvia Iļģi.

Iļģi was founded in the 1980ies by reknowned folklorist Ilga Reizniece together with Māris Muktupāvels, the piper and kokle player. Soon they were joined by U.S. born Latvian musician Gatis Gaujenieks – base-player, producer, director of sound, who also owns a recording studio, and who is is the former lead singer and bass of the USA based group Akacis. Guitar player is Egons Kronbergs and Mārtiņš Linde on drums.

The mood of Iļģi music ranges from reflective, almost meditative calm, empowering the listener to overcome the sorrows and troubles, to unstoppable, bubbling vitality. Different moods create a musical entity, multi-faceted as life itself, true to the eternal cycle and rites of human life. While employing the modern musical themes and instruments in their records Iļģi also incorporated the influences of ethnic music from other countries. Their previous work asserted the Celtic and Slavic influences in Latvian music.