Playground   Children will have the opportunity to meet and ride friendly horses from the nearby Valmiermuiža stables. VALMIERMUIŽAS STALLIS

Baltic tribes

Festival theme – Baltic tribes     Another churning event preceding the Ethno-Festival „SVIESTS 2018”, will be the open-air screening of the just released documental drama “The Last Pagans of Europe” on 8th June at 10 p.m. in Valmiermuižas Manor Park. Directed by the Ābeles brothers, this movie is taking us back to the 13th […]

Folk Musicians

Folk Musicians   The folklore programme of the Ethno-Festival „SVIESTS” pays  close attention to Latvian traditional culture heritage, which is perceived particularly strong during the time of Midsummer. The folklore groups „Lāns” and „Ore” originate from the Vidzeme region and carry their heritage further in a particularly vivid and participative manner. They not only sing, play and dance […]

Culinary workshops

Culinary Workshops Butter churning and the use of whey Since ancient times milk and bread were a particularly important part of the human diet. In this workshop visitors will have the opportunity to use old tools to churn butter,  taste buttermilk and learn what to do for girls to gain a lighter skin. To stress […]

Crafts Workshops

Crafts Workshops   Ancient Ceramics In the late Iron Age, when the pottery wheel was introduced, ceramics and pottery developed rapidly. This is why we will organise an ancient ceramics workshop, where visitors will have the opportunity to explore the evolution of pottery, as well as try to create a clay bowl themselves. Ceramicists Baiba […]

Market „Gardu muti”

Market „Gardu muti”   This is the biggest and most plentiful market „Gardu muti” of the year, with lots of local farmers produce, homemade food and arts and crafts. Homeproducers and craftsmen who would like to participate in the market are invited to send their applications via e-mail till 12th June.