Ethno-eko Festival SVIESTS 2013

26th July 2013

In 2013 SVIESTS turned into a one day festival in co-operation with the Cēsis Culture and Tourism Information Centre – the Ethno-Eco Festival Sviests – that was held during the Cēsis city festival. The festival programme included music groups that were featured in the Sviests album as well as international guest musicians. The festival also offered an interactive craftsmen programme, where visitors could observe artists and craftsmen showing their work and also create something nice, useful or tasty themselves. These proven values – being in harmony with one’s own natural and cultural environment – which ensure a high quality of life, is what we want to transmit with our activities, of which one of the most visible is the Ethno-Eco Festival SVIESTS.




12.00 · Cēsu pils dārzā

Mikus Čavarts is a well-known percussionist in Latvia and is one of the leaders of the bagpipes and drums band Auļi. „Pērkonvīri” – Thundermen – is his project in which he can express his creative journeys and rhythmic inspirations, by inviting other excellent musicians to participate. This time it is the reknown kokle player Laima Jansone and the ethnomusicologist Kristīne Ādmine.


13.00 · Cēsu pils dārzā

The children’s folklore group Tarkšķi is from Iecava in Zemgale. They sing and play traditional Latvian folksongs about children’s life in the countryside, animals and also annual celebrations. The children learn to play different folk-instruments, they sing, play and dance, organise work-shops, make their own folk costumes and participate in many events and festivals in Latvia and abroad.

Miglas Asni

14.00 · Cēsu pils dārzā

A folk-rock group with a romantic approach towards music and probably life itself, which is expressed in the name of the group – Miglas asni – meaning Fog sprouts.

Vētras Saites

15.30 · Cēsu pils dārzā

The ensemble Vētras Saites plays instrumental photo-ambient chamber music, the main musical accent being on the kokle played by Latvīte. Together with guitar and djembe, the kokle creates an original and especially beautiful mood.


17.00 · Cēsu pils dārzā

A postfolklore group uniting young people who are studying in Riga. They met at the folk-klub ALA and decided to make music together, allowing each one of the participants to express their talents and creativity while singing and playing. „We are young, creative people who interpret traditional music in different ways. We are united not only by music, but also by friendship, and when we meet, we brew our songs and enjoy its bittersweet taste, the recipe being simple – the ancient and the contemporary, mixed in juicy sounds.”

Otava Yo

21.00 · Cēsu pils estrādē

A group of professional folk musicians from St. Petersburg, Russia, spontaneously got together in 2005 and formed Otava Yo as a side project. They wanted to create new interpretations of Russian folk music, accessible to all audiences, and to revive old favorite Soviet tunes. Otava Yo serves up its music in a vigorous manner with a good dose of humor, mixing up overdriven traditional Russian instruments with a stereotypical Russian look, which simultaneously frightens and attracts the tourists.

Entrance 1 Ls


During the whole day the castle garden will host craftsmen and artisans
  • Art studio from Jaunpiebalga with contemporary environmental art instalations and activities
  • Folklore group „Putni” from Lēdurga with games and plays for children and families
  • Applyed folk art studio „Ērgļi” with yarn dyeing workshop
  • Līgatne craftsmen with their works and presentations
  • Centre for Traditional Culture Initiatives „KasTe” with butter churning and bread baking
  • Interdisciplinary Art group SERDE from Aizpute with stone beer making
  • Youth organisation „Nītaureņi”
  • „Cirks pa rubli” – circus with clowbs, acrobats and magicians
  • Catering will be provided by Braslas krogs
Free admission