Ethno-trio Troitsa


As their name confirms, there are three men in Ethno-Trio Troitsa from Byelorussia, but between them they have mastered in the region of around 50 instruments. Whether plucked, strum, blown or beaten, these instruments are played with consummate skill, richly evoking their particular corner of Eastern Europe. And these three wise men don’t just collect hardware. Their leader Ivan Kirchuk – a chap of fulsome beard and equally fulsome tenor voice – has amassed hundreds of folk tunes and tales which he is eager to ring-fence, to protect them from the march of globalisation as it dilutes, and even erases, regional distinction and identity. Ethnomusicologists rarely come as passionate or as hands-on as Ivan, under whose careful protection this fascinating – and at times downright groovy – material continues to breathe and prosper.


  • Ivan Kirchuk lead vocal, 12-str. guitar, 3 & 4-str. domras, smyk, gusli, pipes, whistles, mound harmonica, reed stick, zhaleykas, lyre, ocarinas, wargan (jawharp), pipe, rainmaker, duda, kalimba;
  • Yury Dzmitrieu 6 & 12-str. guitars, 4-str. domra, smyk, zither, vocal;
  • Yury Paulouski drums, gong, darabuka, gundang, anklung, bells, zvany (horsebells), wood stick, cowbell, kalimba, djembe, bamboofon.