Contemporary folklore group from Vilnius, Lithuania, whose music centres around mythical and ritual texts of different Baltic and other Indo-European tribes. The group has tried out different forms of musical expressions: starting in 2001 with Lithuanian folksongs in Ethno Rock style, afterward turning to Ethno-Electronic music, lately returning to more traditional instruments.
As time goes by the participants of the group have changed until it has reached the present – and best – combination: two linguists – Baltists, a professional composer, an ethnomusicologist, a painter and two architects, whose cooperation allows for the creation of a multilayered architecture of peculiar significant archaic texts, rich musical harmonies and picturesque video projections.  For the festival the group has chosen the best fragments and has prepared a special programme that includes new, yet unpublished creative searches, as well as some pieces from the musical archive of the group: interpretations of Lithuanian and Latvian mythological folklore and poetry, as well as revived ritual texts in Hetu, ancient Scandinavian and other ancient Indo-European languages.


  • Ieva Bubnytė violin
  • Benius Bučelis video projections
  • Mindaugas Mikulėnas drums
  • Inga Rinkevičienė vocals
  • Dr. Vytautas Rinkevičius guitar
  • Dr. Mindaugas Šinkūnas synthesizer
  • Dr. Mārtiņš Viļums accordion, violin