The folktronica group “Zari” originates in 2013 in Liepāja, a coastal town in West-Latvia. It unites six musicians with varying musical experiences. “Zari” base their music on Latvian folksongs, which are being transformed with different contemporary arrangements thus adding a particular sound. They use both traditional music instruments  as well as electronics. “Zari” put great emphasis on preserving their rootedness in the ancient wisdom transferred by the folksongs, this is why they strive to unite the past, the present and the future in their music. In a time, when egoism and artificial intelect is ruling, they find it important to revive real emotions and love for each other. The folksongs often can be a key to lead to this path. Zari first album “Sazaroti” was released in 2017.


  • Ieva Dreimane vocals
  • Liene Križevica vocals
  • Vinsents Krebs accordion, percussions
  • Uldis Meļķis guitar, percussions
  • Zigmārs Miemis electronics, percussions
  • Matīss Eisaks base