Ethno-Eko Festival Sviests

Butter – is a pure product, the best one can get from milk. In this time of margarine we invite to realise and return to values that have stood the test of time. Real values that we can enjoy and be proud of. It takes hard and accurate work to churn butter from milk and cream, to reach the stage when the unnecessary is separated and only the most valuable stays.

This is what the music groups in SVIESTS do – they explore and research the ancient traditional music and churn, churn until the very essence appears and the nowadays topical and unheard appears.


Market „Gardu muti

Latvian home-grower’s benefits for gourmets. Qualitative Latvian products will be offered from natural raw materials and made by hand.


More info soon


More info soon

Festival Fee

Free admission

Where to go

Dzirnavu iela 2,
Valmiermuiža, Valmieras pagasts, LV-4219

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When will be

16th June 2018


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